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Tactical Survival Laser + Battery & Charger

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Excludes: Alaska/Hawaii,US Protectorates, APO/FPO,PO Box

A Powerful Green Laser that Can Save Your Life In An Emergency


This is the Brightest, and most Durable Tactical Survival Laser Pointer money can buy
Our all new Premium Laser is something you truly need to see to believe! 


  • Versatile and Shockingly Bright: The 532nm laser in the brightest laser pointer is strong enough to shine up to 5 miles away, making it an excellent emergency signal. This powerful green laser light also can act as an emergency flashlight, illuminate a large room, or help start a fire during a crisis.
  • Virtually Indestructible: You can rest assured knowing that your brightest laser pointer will function even in the most hostile environments. Unlike laser pointers that are made using cheap metal, the Tact Laser Survival Tool is engineered out of aircraft-quality aluminum which shields and protects the laser’s inner workings. This means the tool can be dropped, stomped, kicked, or worse but still work.
    • Long Lasting: With the included rechargeable battery and charger, you never have to worry about spending money on replacement batteries. Whether SHTF tomorrow or years from now, you can count on the battery to work and recharge with most off-grid power solutions.
    • Simple to Use, Safe for Kids: The brightest Laser pointer comes equipped with a key-lock on the back to prevent accidental activation and power loss. Powering the laser on is as simple as turning a key and pressing the on/off button. The Tact Laser is designed to help you safely harness its powerful green laser without risking injury to those you love.

    Why would I ever NEED or WANT this?
    I’m here to illuminate your world.

    You can use it as a power signaling beacon if you need help.
    You can use it as an emergency flashlight (yes, it’s REALLY bright).
    You can bet that it’s ultra-lightweight, tough as nails, and will never let you down.
    Have kids? It’ll be a fun time playing with this tool with you.
    Have pets? They’ll go absolutely wild over your new gadget.
    Worried about safety? There’s a lock & key ON/OFF switch.

    NOT SOLD IN STORES YET - You can’t buy this laser technology in your local hardware store. We use the latest 2018 high power emitters to keep you ahead of the pack with advanced laser technology!


    Operating your new laser pointer is easy.

    Charge your batteries fully before first use.

    The charger will flash red while the battery is charging. It will become a solid green when it's fully charged.

    Insert battery into your laser.

    Insert the included key into the back of the laser and turn the slot to the GREEN setting to enable the power supply.

    Press the button on your laser to activate the beam.


    -Shining the this Laser into eyes can cause blindness, please wear proper eye protection
    -It is illegal to shine a laser at aircraft in the sky. The FAA prosecutes anyone found guilty of this crime
    -Do not overcharge the batteries that come with the Laser
    -Keep out of reach of children



    What's in the Package:
    1 * Green laser pointer
    1 * Star Cap
    1 * 18650 rechargeable battery
    1 * Charger
    2 * Safety keys

    Material aviation :Aluminum
    Power Supply: 1x18650 Battery
    Wavelength: 532nm
    Starting time :≤3 seconds
    Action power-pressure: DC3V
    Operating temperature :15 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃
    Storage temperature :-10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
    Overall Dimensions :φ15 * 147mm
    Power: <5mW

    Shipping to: United States
    Excludes: Alaska/Hawaii,US Protectorates, APO/FPO,PO Box
    Shipping: 4-7 Business Days




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